Kiss your body's worst features goodbye

With the help of an octopus, a cup of coffee, a glass of milk and West African tree bark

Dear frustrated friend,
It’s the curse of being a woman:
You work out hard…
Eat healthy…
And take care of your body – both inside and out…
But you still can’t seem to budge the stubborn weight lingering around your upper arms, tummy, thighs and bum.
It’s unfair – but part of being a woman means stubborn weight just seems to stick.
Now what if I told you the real secret to rapid, targeted fat-loss comes from an unlikely source: An octopus, a cup of coffee, a West African tree and a glass of milk?
A secret so powerful, in just 30 days from now your friends and family could be gasping…

“I hardly recognised you!”

Now before I tell you more about this fat-burning secret and how it works, I want you to be honest for a minute.
If you were happy with how your body looked right now, you wouldn’t be reading this letter.
You’re reading this because you want to drop the stubborn weight you’re carrying around. The stubborn fat around your thighs, bum and mid-section that leaves you feeling uncomfortable, unattractive and depressed.
I know, because I’ve been there myself.
Year after year, I watched myself make painstakingly slow progress only to fall back and have to start again. And despite working so hard, I was never more than half-way satisfied with the way my thighs, tummy and arms looked.
If only someone had told me about this incredibly easy, fast way to lose belly bulge, shed chunky thighs and melt stubborn arm fat. All while still being able to eat my favourite foods and doing no more exercise than I was currently doing.
Sounds too good to be true?
That’s what I thought!
But then, I discovered the science behind the amazing secret that targets stubborn fat and blasts it to smithereens.
If, like me, you finally want to see that “slim and trim you” staring back at you in the mirror, you owe it to yourself to read on...


  Yes! I want to have slimmer thighs, arms,
butt and tummy in just 30 days!

Kiss your body’s worst features goodbye with the help of an octopus, a cup of coffee, a glass of milk and West African tree bark

So what is this incredibly easy, fast way to melt that stubborn fat for good?
It’s SCULPT a unique fat-burning gel that contains four of the best natural fat busters on the planet!
Ingredients so powerful, most fat-loss products contain at least one of them. But only SCULPT contains all four in the exact quantities you need to melt your stubborn fat.
Let me introduce them to you…

Ingredient #1:
Octopamine unlocks your body’s own natural, effortless fat-burning power

You probably haven’t heard of Octopamine before, but once you’ve read about it, I promise you’ll never forget the name.
Octopamine is the organic compound found in the salivary glands of Octopi.
And it’s one of the most effective tools for long-term fat loss there is!
Give me a minute to explain how it works…
You see, there are two kinds of receptors in your fat cells: The good ones and the bad.
The “good” receptors actively respond to your hormones to encourage the breakdown of fats into energy your body can use.
The “bad” receptors, on the other hand, stop fat from burning. And, here’s the problem, because you’re a woman, you have more of these receptors in your body than men do. That’s why you suffer from saddlebags, muffin top and bingo wings and they don’t!
But that’s where Octopamine comes in! It naturally activates the “good” receptors in your stubborn fat and increases its metabolism.
It’s so good at doing this that a recent rat study showed, by activating these receptors, those given Octopamine saw a 19% decrease in their fat levels in just four weeks! They literally went from fat rats to skinny mice in no time flat!
This preliminary evidence shows Octopamine has the power to take you from size “What?” to size “Wow!” To turn you from “self-conscious” about your body to “dying to show it off!”
Now Octopamine on its own is a phenomenal fat burner… But there are three more remarkable ingredients that make SCULPT the fat-burning POWERHOUSE it is.

Ingredient #2:
Caffeine shrinks fat cells and destroys them

There’s a reason caffeine is the #1 ingredient in most fat-burning products.
Because it acts directly on your fat cells and gives them direct orders to self-destruct!
As David Heber, a professor of medicine and chief of clinical nutrition at UCLA, puts it: “If you put fat cells in a culture dish with caffeine, you can literally watch them release their stores of fat.”
That’s right! Caffeine literally annihilates your fat ON CONTACT.
And there are numerous studies to back this up. One of them found that after just six weeks, women who applied caffeine creams on only one thigh lost half an inch on the thigh they treated versus no result on the untreated one.
Just imagine how much looser your jeans would be around your thighs if you use caffeine-containing SCULPT as part of YOUR fat-burning routine!

Ingredient #3:
Acetyl L-Carnitine puts the brakes on fat build-up!

Here’s just one of the reactions from SCULPT’s loyal users

The stories below are evidence that everything I’m promising you is 100% true!
Even if it sounds unbelievably good, these are real results and real stories that SCULPT works!
“After just one week, I couldn’t believe my eyes”
“It’s been seven days since I started using SCULPT and I’m blown away with the results. I applied the gel to my thighs religiously every day and already I’ve lost 1cm! 
Let me say that again: I LOST 1CM IN JUST ONE WEEK! I can’t wait to see how much I lose at the end of 30 days!”   
 - Roxanne, Fourways
To experience similar results, order your bottle of SCULPT now. 

Acetyl L-Carnitine may sound like something produced in a science lab somewhere in Asia, but it’s actually the nutrient found in dairy products, beef and peanut butter.

It’s the engine that makes your body more efficient at turning fat into useful energy.
And that means it can also help you shed fat better than just about every other nutrient out there!
How much better?
Well, in 1997 researchers at the International Sports Science Associations studied the effects of L-Carnitine on fat-loss in obese teenagers aged 13 to 17.
They gave both groups nutritional education, physical training and controlled diets, but they gave one group an advantage: They told them to use L-Carnitine every day.
At the end of the three-month study, both groups lost fat. But the group taking L-Carnitine lost, on average, a whopping SEVEN TIMES MORE fat than the group who didn’t!
And the fat-loss power of L-Carnitine doesn’t stop there.
By accelerating fat-burning for energy, L-Carnitine not only burns the fat that’s already in your body, it also prevents it from building up in those hard-to-lose areas like your bum, thighs, tummy and arms.

Ingredient #4:
Yohimbine: The secret weapon that sets SCULPT apart from the other fat-loss products on the market

And finally, I want to introduce you to SCULPT’s secret weapon: Yohimbine!
It’s the extracted ingredient in West African tree bark. And what it does for fat-loss is remarkable.
Put simply, Yohimbine helps increase the circulation of adrenal hormones in your fat cells and blocks the activation of those ‘bad’ receptors we spoke about earlier.
By doing this, it encourages the stubborn fatty adipose tissue in your thighs, arms and tummy to release the fat it’s storing.
And it works so well, that a study published in the Israel Journal of Medical Sciences revealed that research participants who supplemented with Yohimbine lost 62% more fat than people who didn’t.
It’s the secret to switching your fat-loss efforts from simmer to burn… To helping you shatter every fatty barrier in your path so you can emerge on the other side with the lean thighs, tight bum, flat tummy and slender arms you desire – in as little as 30 days!

  Yes! I want to have slimmer thighs, arms,
butt and tummy in just 30 days!


Your self-esteem is too important to place in the hands of products that make BIG promises but don’t deliver!

Fat-loss gels:
A fat-burning phenomenon or far-fetched fiction?

The buzz around fat-loss gels and creams started a few years ago.
Ads popped up everywhere… Customers flocked to their local pharmacies in droves… And bottles of product started flying off the shelves.
But do they really work?
The answer is a great big YES!
Sure, there are countless flash-in-the-pan fat-burners that fizzle out under scientific scrutiny. But here’s the thing: When it comes to products that are backed by as much scientific research and study as SCULPT, the results are real and accurate!
In fact, studies on the topical use of both Yohimbine and caffeine proved they work better when you apply them directly to your skin than when you take them orally.
The reason?
Topical application allows you to target the areas of your body you hate most. And you do so without any of the nasty side-effects oral fat-loss supplements often come with.
So if you’re sceptical about SCULPT, don’t be.
This product works and with our 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee you can try it yourself – at no risk to you!
Now I know you’re thinking… All that sounds great but a gel that you apply to your skin couldn’t possibly help you burn fat?
That’s where you’re wrong.
A lot of people are sceptical about whether topical fat-loss products work or not. And there’s good reason why they are: Most of these products are complete rubbish.
Produced by Sparta Pharmaceuticals, a leading name in health, sport and wellness supplements, SCULPT’s unique fat-burning formulation is 100% backed by science.
That’s right! To create SCULPT, Sparta studied dozens of the world’s best-selling fat-loss gels and creams… Poured through volumes of research from top labs around the world… And conducted more than two years of independently-tested trials to find out which ingredients work and which don’t.
And that means SCULPT isn’t some cosmetic industry gimmick you find on the shelves of your local pharmacy. It’s based on proven results that work!
By using it, you CAN get that lean, super-hot body you’ve always wanted but couldn’t get no matter how many times you tried in the past.
And all you need to do to get it is eat healthy, exercise moderately and apply SCULPT to you hard-to-lose areas twice a day!

Four squirts is all it takes

Unlike other fat-loss products on the market, SCULPT isn’t a fad diet, bitter drink mix or gimmicky weight loss contraption you’ll never take out the box.
It’s just an easy to apply gel jam-packed with four of the most powerful fat-busters known to man.
Simply apply four squirts of SCULPT onto your problem area twice a day and watch the magic happen! And remember: To get the best results, you must use it in conjunction with a balanced, healthy diet and a moderate exercise regime.
It’s that easy!
And don’t worry, SCULPT isn’t one of those products that take a half-an-hour to dry before you can get dressed and leave the house. Its quick-dry formula is just one more way SCULPT makes getting skinny easy to fit into your life! 
Start using SCULPT today and, in just 30 days, you’ll:

And remember, you’ll do all this without changing your diet or spending more hours in the gym to get results.


  Yes! I want to have slimmer thighs, arms,
butt and tummy in just 30 days!

This is your chance to NEVER be ashamed of your body ever again!

How much would you pay for a product that takes the hard work out of burning fat and sculpting those hard-to-lose places like your bum, thighs, tummy and arms?
Not even close!
Today, you can get your hands on a bottle of SCULPT for just R449.95.
R449.95 to get your hands on the unique formula proven to give you knockout legs, a flatter tummy, tighter bum and slimmer, firmer arms.
All you need to do is take your measurements at the start and if, after applying it twice daily, you don’t see a difference in your problem areas measurements after 60 days, return your bottle of SCULPT to us.
We’ll refund every cent you paid for it. 
Get in on this risk-free offer today while you still can!
The slim, trim body you’ve always wanted is only one risk-free click away!

  Yes! I want to have slimmer thighs, arms,
butt and tummy in just 30 days!


Here’s to a slim, trim you,

Annabel Koffman
Group Publisher Fleet Street Publications
PS: If you can put deodorant on every day, you CAN lose that stubborn fat.
SCULPT is so easy to use that if you put deodorant on every morning, you can do this too.
Kiss your body’s worst features goodbye in just 30 days! Order your bottle of SCULPT today and watch how your thighs, tummy, bum and upper arms melt away like magic!

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